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The most commonly used pipe fittings for carbon steel elbows

Use of carbon steel elbow and device Use: Carbon steel elbow for the connection of the pipe bend. Connect two nominal diameter of the same pipe, so that the pipe as a turning point to the material to distinguish between carbon steel elbow, Steel elbow, seamless carbon steel elbow, straight seam carbon steel elbow, stamping carbon steel elbow. Carbon steel elbow is a pipe fittings commonly used in a connection pipe for the pipe bend at the convergence, other names: 90 degrees carbon steel elbow, 45 degrees carbon steel elbow, and other degrees elbow.

Carbon steel elbow of the basic technical process is: the main welding of a cross-section of the polygonal polygonal ring shell or closed at both ends of the polygonal fan-shaped shell, the internal pressure medium pressure, the pressure within the pressure in the internal pressure under the cross-section From the polygon gradually become a circle, and eventually become a circular ring shell, according to the need, a circular ring shell can be cut into four 90 ° elbow or six 60 ° elbow or other standard elbow, the technology is suitable for production Elbow diameter and elbow diameter ratio greater than 1.5 of any standard large carbon steel elbow, is the current production of large carbon steel elbow the best way.


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