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The main quality indexes of carbon steel pipe heat treatment

In the pipeline the standard requirements, mechanical properties, physical properties, performance and process performance and other indicators, corresponding to the different steel grades. The performance indicators are very different. Mechanical properties: tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, hardness, impact energy; physical properties mainly refers to the grain size. Including use and process performance: anti-crushing test, flattening, flaring test, resistance to H2S and CO2 corrosion test.
Over-burning; over-burning products over the firing temperature called combustion. High sintering temperatures and sintering times are too long (or) leading to deterioration of the final properties of the sintered product. Product burning easy deformation, size requirements, blank or glaze bubble and so on. Porcelain body fluid (glass phase) increased, grain boundary widened, prone to abnormal growth of the crystal, the crystal is not uniform, strength and density decreased. If the heating temperature is close to the melting point, the grain boundary oxidation or even melting, resulting in the ability of metal plastic deformation completely disappeared, if the incineration will cancel the blank. The reason for the burning of the LED is that the sintering temperature is too high and the holding time is too long. Uneven temperature of the kiln can also cause local over-burning. In the heat treatment of heating metal or alloy, due to the heating temperature close to the solid line near the grain boundary oxidation phenomenon, part of the melting began to burn, called. Burning: lively large lime, if the water is too slow, there is not enough water, digestion of Ca (OH) 2 around the unprocessed particles around, so that the internal lime is not easy to digest, this phenomenon is called "burning" phenomenon.


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