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PPH tube temperature range and welding points

PPH pipe has been widely used in the transportation system of high concentration of acid and alkali chemical products, water (water supply and drainage) delivery system, environmental engineering and general pipeline system, telecommunication optical fiber transmission and distribution pipeline system.

PPH scope: apply to the temperature in -20 C ~ 90 C of various concentrations of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and organic acid, strong acid, strong oxidizing agent, is also suitable for various concentrations of alkali, organic solvents and other corrosive gas and liquid medium pipeline.

PPH pipe welding method:

PPH pipeline welding for hot melt welding, using a variety of hydraulic or manual plastic pipe hot melt machine.

The following welding points:

1. Matching pipe type pipe cutter (Guan Gedao), acetone, clean cloth, the surrounding environment to keep clean, no dust, keep the ambient temperature, not less than 0 degrees C.

2. Cut the pipe according to the required size with a special cutter. Cut tube to be careful not to run the line and slowly screwed into the blade, don't be too hasty, will damage the blade. When the cutter is difficult to rotate, it should rotate the cutting knife, take out the blade and run again.

3. PPH hot melt temperature is set at 195 ~205.

4. Heating plate must be placed vertically.


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