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Handle type hoop introduction

Application: it is suitable for packaging and transportation of fruit juice, honey, solid or fat.

Product introduction: This product is mechanical handle type straight opening with steel hoop hoop.

Packing barrel accessories include: 10-20 liters of chemical barrels, dye barrels, metal barrels, barrels of easy to hold hoop (barrel ring, clamp) and blue flower barrel sealing pliers, convenient bucket sealing ring and protective ring. Paint bucket, ink barrel, plastic barrels, plastic handle (handle) belt. Handle, handle, wire sheet metal bucket handle, finger cover.

3-200 l packing drum, bucket, chemical barrels (a barrel to move hand, clip or barrel hoop seal).

1. 200 litre drums mouth piece (steel barrel sealer), drums (barrels ring hoop) and fastening screws;

2. 10-20 metal barrels, barrels, convenient ink barrel (barrel hoop ring), wire handle handle, sealing ring and protective ring;

3. Metal barrel. Plastic belt, finger cover, handle tablets;

4. Drum drum, drum wrench, spanner, clip clip;

5. Sealing pliers.


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