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Carbon steel seamless elbow forming process

Seamless elbow is a kind of pipe fitting pipe bend of. The piping system so that more seamless elbows with all fittings, the largest proportion, about 80%. Typically, the thickness of different materials goods choose a different elbow forming process. Currently. Manufacturer of seamless elbow forming process commonly used hot push, stamping, extrusion and the like.

1. Forging method: with swaging machine pipe ends or part be reversed extension, reducing the outer diameter elbow joints, commonly used rotary swaging machine has, link type, roller.

2. Rolling method: generally do not have the mandrel, suitable for thick-walled tube the inside edge of the circle. The core is placed in the tube, with the outer periphery of the roller pushing for round edge processing.


3. Stamping method: In the punch core with a tapered end of the tube to expand to a desired size and shape.


4. Bending method: There are three methods more commonly, a process called stretching method, another method called stamping method, a roller method of the third, 3-4 rollers, two rollers is fixed, a steering roller, the fixing roller adjustment from the finished tube is curved.

5. Bulging method: one is placed in a rubber tube, with the upper punch compression, the tube bulge forming; Another method is hydraulic bulge forming, in the middle of the tube filled with liquid, the liquid pressure of the tube into the desired shape of the drum, bellows production of most of the use of this method.


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