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Carbon steel elbow production process

The ideal method for manufacturing carbon steel elbow: First welding a polygonal cross-section of the polygonal ring shell or both ends closed polygonal fan shells, the internal pressure washed over medium less applied pressure, under the pressure of the inner cross-section of the action polygon becoming round, eventually becomes a circular ring shells. If necessary, a circular ring shells can be cut into 4 or 6 90 60 stamping elbow elbow or other specifications stamping elbow, the process for the manufacture of punching and stamping elbow elbow in diameter than the inner diameter greater than 1.5 any size large elbow, is the ideal way to present large-scale manufacture of carbon steel elbow.

Further reading: Advantages of carbon steel production process mainly in the following areas

1. Without tube as raw materials, saving pipe equipment and tooling costs, and can be obtained arbitrarily large diameter and wall thickness of the relatively thin carbon steel elbow.

2. The blank is flat or developable surface, thus cutting simple, easy to guarantee accuracy, easy assembly welding.

3. For these two reasons, it can shorten the manufacturing cycle, the production cost is greatly reduced. Because does not require any special equipment, it is particularly suitable for on-site processing of large carbon steel elbow.

4. Carbon steel stamping elbow pipe system is suitable for oil, gas, chemicals, utilities, construction and boiler industries.


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