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Carbon steel elbow advantages and raw materials

Carbon steel elbow is more common in the current industrial production of a product. It is an important tool for connecting pipe direction Shui turn. The current large-scale use in many areas. Then carbon steel elbow What are the advantages? Carbon steel elbow classification of raw materials, what does? Then the following Xiaobian for friends fully explain it.

What are the advantages of carbon steel elbow

1. Without tube as a raw material, and can save pipe equipment and tooling costs. At the same time it can be obtained arbitrarily large diameter and wall thickness of the relatively thin carbon steel elbow.

2. The blank is flat or developable surface. Thus cutting very simple, easy to guarantee accuracy, easier assembly and welding.

3. It does not require any special equipment. Particularly suitable for on-site processing of large carbon steel elbow.

4. Carbon steel elbow pipe system is suitable for oil, gas, chemicals, utilities, construction and boiler industries.

Classification of raw materials which have carbon steel elbow

Carbon steel elbow carbon content by category

1. By mass of carbon percentage points: low carbon steel (C: ≤0.25%) carbon steel (C: 0.25% ≤ C ≤ 0.6%) high carbon steel (C:> 0.6%), the higher the carbon content, hardness, strength The larger, but the ductility decreases.

2. Divided by the mass of steel (primary impurity is sulfur and phosphorus content): generally carbon steel (S ≤0.055%, P ≤0.045%) of high-quality carbon steel (S ≤0.040%, P ≤0.040%) of high-grade quality carbon steel (S ≤0.030%, P ≤0.035%).

3. Press with punishment: carbon steel: mainly used for bridges, ships, construction components, machine parts and the like. Carbon tool steel: mainly used for tools, dies, measuring tools.

Carbon steel elbow in accordance with the classification of trademarks and usefulness

1. Typically carbon structural steel: Q195, Q215, Q235, Q255, Q275 and so on. Figures show that the minimum yield strength. Q195, Q215, Q235 plastic, and can be rolled into a steel plate, steel, steel and so on. Q255, Q275 may be rolled steel, steel and so on.

2. Quality carbon structural steel: carbon steel of uniform quality Wan scores indicate. Such as 20, # 45 and so on. # 20 showed containing C: 0.20% (20 births). Uses: mainly used for the production of machine parts.

3. Carbon tool steel: carbon steel of uniform quality mille show, and the first dubbed T. Such as T9, T12 and so on. T9 show containing C: 0.9% (9 per thousand) Uses: mainly used for the production of cutting tools, measuring tools, molds and so on.

4. Steel: Steel is a trademark before the number preceded by ZG, figures represent the fraction of uniform quality steel (thousands scores indicate). As ZG25, show containing C: 0.25%. Uses: mainly used for the production of and demand must shape clutter strength, ductility and resistance of parts such as gears, couplings.


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