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Anti corrosion treatment of inner and outer wall of seamless steel tube

Compared to traditional pipe, seamless steel pipe raw materials lighter, high strength, good resistance, can withstand high internal pressure, making use of sensitive, and can be used in the case of clutter or bad geological conditions. But in the use of the process there are drawbacks, mainly inside and outside the anti-corrosion treatment more trouble some. First is the outer wall of the problem of corrosion, the quality of the outer wall directly affect the quality of life directly. At present, the outer wall of domestic steel pipe corrosion mainly: concealment practices, steel pipes are required to strengthen or special reinforced outer wall corrosion, in some areas to promote cathodic protection. The common method of anti-corrosion wall coating, such as petroleum asphalt, epoxy coal tar pitch, which is not easy to cure at low temperatures, and in the field of welding construction problems a lot, in the past is the use of chlorosulfonated polyethylene, because the solvent , Easy to pinhole, to fight to wear unqualified, some areas are no longer used. On the cathodic protection of the anti-corrosion effect is better, but the choice is sacrificial anode method, in the future operation must be regularly replaced anode, increased operating costs and operations.

Next to talk about seamless steel pipe wall treatment methods, commonly used methods are three: anti-corrosion coatings, resin mortar, cement mortar. But there are two problems in the three methods: First, the adhesion between the coating and steel pipe strength. On the anti-corrosion coatings and resin mortar both methods require the steel pipe inside and outside the rust to complete the construction, but this is difficult to do. So the rust part of the formation of the future layer of the source of separation, constitute corrosion and scaling. Second, most of the steel pipe are on-site welding construction, after welding in the anti-corrosion. Can only be carried out manually, the quality is not easy to control, and for small diameter tube, because people can not enter the construction, can not carry out anti-corrosion work, which also formed a future damage to the weld.


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