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ASTM standard seamless steel pipe

ASTM seamless steel pipe is performed by the American standard seamless steel pipe in China. Steel exports perform ASTM standards. ASTM A53 Gr.B seamless steel tubes for general purposes.

Inverted groove pipe ASTM A106 / A53 Gr.B chamfer chamfered. ASTM seamless steel pipe material mainly A315-B, A53-B, A106-B, A106-B, A178-C, A135-A, A53-A, A106-A and the like. They have a corresponding domestic steel. astm seamless steel pipe length according to the needs of customers and bulk-foot length, the most common length is 5.8 m and 6 m length. Groove, painting, plastic caps at both ends of seamless steel pipe astm requirements steel tube can also be based on customer needs embalmed, upon request chamfering, and for commodity inspection.

ASTM A53 seamless steel pipe

ASTM A53 seamless steel pipe refers to the foreign standard steel grades, namely the United States and tag number. A53-F corresponds to the country q235 material, A53-A # 10 of the corresponding domestic material, A53-B # 20 corresponding to the domestic materials. Hot-rolled steel hot-rolled state or heat treatment delivery. Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe production process: tube, heating, perforation, three-roll rolling, rolling, detached, sizing, cooling, straightening, hydrostatic testing, marking, storage leverage seamless steel tubes, will be detected. Cold drawn seamless steel pipe production process: tube, heating, perforation, beginning, annealed, pickled and oiled, multi-pass cold drawing, the blank pipe, heat treatment, straightening, hydrostatic testing, marking, storage. Wall thickness aspect than hot-rolled seamless cold drawn seamless uniform seamless steel mergers and acquisitions, some of the surface roughness Ye Hao.

ASTM A53 seamless steel pipe applications

1. Building category are: under the pipeline up to more extraction of groundwater when the levy, boiler water conveyance and the like.

2. machining, bearing sets, processing machinery and other accessories.

3. Electrical class: gas distribution, water, electricity fluid conduit.

4. The wind power plant anti-static tubes

ASTM A106 seamless steel pipe

ASTM A106 seamless steel pipe belonging to the American standard, A106 including A106-A, A106-B. The former is equivalent to the domestic material # 10, # 20 which is equivalent to the domestic materials. Belonging to the ordinary carbon steel series, it is one of the commonly used materials. ASTM A106 seamless steel pipe including cold drawn and hot-rolled two processes. In addition to different manufacturing processes, but both of the accuracy, surface quality, minimum size, mechanical properties, structure is different. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, boilers, power plants, ships, machinery manufacturing, automotive, aviation, aerospace, energy, geology, construction and military industries.

ASTM A106 seamless steel pipe under pressure calculation method

Selected from S S = 8; P less than 17.5MPa seamless steel pipe, the safety factor S for the seamless steel pipe, the wall thickness of 3mm,

The tube can withstand a pressure P = (2 * σ / S * δ) / D

Where: P is the pressure is expected to weaken, wall thickness δ, seamless steel pipe to withstand the maximum pressure is how much?

Let the material tensile strength σ, Zhan Rong Rang informed pipe diameter D;

Pipe wall thickness δ = (P * D) / (2 * σ / S)

Wherein S is a safety factor;

Because P less than 7MPa Rijindoujin, Zhan Rong Rang informed S elect S = 4;

We chose a safety factor of S = 6; 20 election steel tensile strength of 410MPa steel market, the pipe diameter D


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