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ASTM A106 seamless steel pipe applications

ASTM A106 seamless steel pipe belonging to the American standard steel pipe, A106 including A106-A, A106-B. The former is equivalent to the domestic 10 # material, which is equivalent to the domestic 20 # materials. Belonging to the ordinary carbon steel series, it is one of the commonly used materials. ASTM A106 seamless steel pipe including cold drawn and hot-rolled two processes. In addition to different manufacturing processes, but both of the accuracy, surface quality, minimum size, mechanical properties, structure is different. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, boilers, power plants, ships, machinery manufacturing, automotive, aviation, aerospace, energy, geology, construction and military industries.

ASTM A106 seamless steel pipe under pressure calculation method

S selected from S = 8; P less than 17.5MPa seamless steel tubes, S safety factor of seamless steel pipe, the wall thickness of 3mm,

The tube can withstand a pressure P = (2 * σ / S * δ) / D

Wherein: a pressure P is expected to weaken, wall thickness δ, seamless steel pipe to withstand the maximum pressure is how much?

Let the material tensile strength σ, Zhan Rang Rong was informed that the pipe diameter D;

Pipe wall thickness δ = (P * D) / (2 * σ / S)

Wherein S is a safety factor;

Because P less than 7MPa Rijindoujin, Zhan Rong Rang informed S elect S = 4.

ASTM A106 seamless steel pipe applications

We chose a safety factor of S = 6; selected from 20 steel tensile strength of 410MPa steel market, the pipe diameter D

American Standard steel pipe is a kind of hollow cross-section, no seams around the long bar of steel. Steel hollow cross-section, a large number of channels for transporting fluids, American standard seamless steel pipe standards such as transportation of oil, gas, gas, water pipes, etc., and some solid materials. Compared to other steel and solid steel bar, the same torsional strength in bending, lighter, it is an economic cross-section steel. Widely used in the manufacture of structural parts and mechanical parts. Such as drill pipe, automotive drive shafts, bicycle frames and construction using steel scaffolding. Steel pipe manufacturing annular parts, can improve material utilization, simplify the manufacturing process, saving material and machining time. Such as bearing rings, jack sets. It has been widely used to make steel. Steel or a variety of conventional weapons indispensable material, barrel would have to make steel. Pipe according to different cross-sectional shapes can be divided into tube and shaped tubes. Because in the perimeter of equal conditions, circular area most with a circular tube can carry more fluid. In addition, the circular cross section to withstand internal or external radial pressure, the force is uniform. Thus, the vast majority of pipe is pipe.


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