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A brief introduction to the lathe fixture

The lathe is used to process the workpiece inside and outside the rotary surface and the end of the fixture called a lathe fixture. Most lathe fixture mounted on the spindle; a saddle is arranged on the bed or on the bed.

Lathe fixture type

Lathe fixture is divided into according to the positioning of the workpiece in different ways: Centering (mandrel), chuck, chuck type and angle type and disk type etc..

1. Centering lathe fixture in centering lathe fixture, workpiece with hole or cylindrical positioning fixture with centering clamping mechanism.

2. Angle type lathe fixture: rotary surface processing on the lathe casing, bearings, levers, joints and other parts of the parts, the shape is more complex, difficult to clamp in the universal chuck, and need special fixture design. Is this fixture clamp specific angle, it is called angle type lathe fixture.

3. Disk type lathe fixture fixture: the fixture above said faceplate is provided with a plurality of T groove installation positioning device, clamping and indexing components and other auxiliary components, processing complex shape outer and inner hole of the workpiece. This kind of fixture asymmetry, should pay attention to balance.


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